I help triathletes to get stronger, improve their movement quality and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and achieve their racing goals.

Ironman and Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon, Ironman and 70.3 Bespoke Plans.
Fancy doing something big and scary next year? How about getting completely out of your comfort zone? Do you want to become an Ironman?

Personal Training

One to One Personal Training Sessions in the Private Fitness Studio

Nutrition Consultations

An individual’s approach to nutrition should be bespoke, flexible and adaptable.

The City to Summit

The City to Summit was my first endurance event and I got in touch with Leszek only 4 months before the challenge.
I really couldn’t have completed it without his help. He took the time to walk me through my training programme and why it needs to be structured in a certain way, the importance of nutrition (both during training and on the day) and also how your body works – e.g. mentally, anaerobic versus aerobic, heart rate zones etc.
As well as being an Ironman certified coach, Leszek is also a serious athlete, having competed in a number of Iron Man events himself – so he knows first-hand what it feels like. 

Stephanie Livingston

Norseman 2019

Leszek has set me up with a simple but effective programme involving the development of technique at the start and then gradually building weight as we go on. My basic programme involves foam rolling at the start of any session and then a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises and finishing with stretching.

I’ve been doing the programme for just over a month with a gradual build in weight. As a general comment, I would say that I had been doing most things wrong or with poor technique previously and that (after some coaching from Leszek) doing the exercises with good technique is harder but brings better results and obviously less chance of injury.

Ready Bruce Story.

Bruce Wilson 

My first Ironman – Barbara’s successful story.

I had the pleasure to train alongside Leszek for my first Ironman.

Leszek has a genuine interest in the sport, in getting people involved and succeeding. I benefitted from his enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge and experience.

Triathlons are much more than swimming, cycling and running, and although like most sports, there is an element of trial and error, reviewing progress and training plans, or bouncing off ideas, allowed to make choices and decisions with more confidence and ultimately remain motivated.

I wouldn’t have done it without him, and the rest of the team.

Barbara Kuske

I am running better!

Thank you for a fantastic session tonight – my legs definitely know they’ve been working!! Even after that one session, my running technique was so much smoother. I never really had a ‘technique’ before now but you gave me lots if very simple, easy to adopt tips. Using my arms better (behind) was definitely useful

Zoe Paige

Ironman Italy 2018

After training with, being coached by, travelling alongside and competing in the same Ironman (Italy 2018), I can’t praise Leszek highly enough for his knowledge of coaching and competing in the triathlon.

David Scott Revel

Kettlebell Strength Training 101 For Triathlon


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