…but you’re different, I could never do this”.

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Nothing makes me angrier than a comment
“…but you are different, I could never do this”.

No, I’m not different. I’m just like you. I have my insecurities and doubts too, but I’ve learnt how to act, regardless.
And yes, you can. You can run a marathon, you can swim 5km, you can be fluent in Spanish, you can be fit, you can find a better job, you can be happy, you can do almost anything you want.
But you have to WANT IT, with a passion.
And you have to work hard for it.

If you want to change things around you – you have to change yourself first. Learn, study, listen, work. Nothing in life comes easy. 


It was so scary to arrive in Edinburgh with £100 in the pocket and almost no operational language.
In 2007 my English was so bad that I had to get my friend to call in my name to the bank when I accidentally locked up my card.
11 years later I have built a successful fitness business helping other to be fit and happy, I do what I love and I am getting paid for this.
Maybe it was luck, perhaps the stars have been in my favour but I bet you I had worked my ass off, continually learning and developing my toolbox, constantly refining skills and knowing what I want. What stops you from doing the same?

Opening Fitness Soul wasn’t easy. But we did not expect it to be easy. There was no roadmap there, and we had to learn everything from scratch.

We made a lot of mistakes on the way, but instead of crying on the spilt milk, we used those errors as the learning opportunities.
It was like a BUSINESS School on steroids; instead of the virtual stock, we risked our own livelihood.

”…and your wife, Joanna, you are so lucky, you guys match so well.”

You are right. I’m lucky. My wife is an exceptional human being. Still, to make it work, we had to learn to leave the ego outside and to listen to each other.
When there is beef between us (oh yes, we aren’t saints, and we do argue! ;p), our policy is to solve the problem as soon as possible, before one of us leaves the house. Its hard and it hurts like hell, but it works. The bye bye kiss is mandatory! Try it with your partner and start being lucky too!

”…and you are so fit! I could never even attempt the Ironman!”

I also thought that it was impossible to finish the Ironman until I did it.
And now, suddenly, in the eyes of others, I’m this fit dude, who does those crazy endurance feasts.
Please don’t forget that 3 years ago I was like you, doubting and thinking that I’m not good enough. I hated running, and I could barely swim.
No shit Sherlock. I hated running because I sucked at it big time and I couldn’t swim because I never made an effort to learn it.
I was oblivious, laying to myself, hiding from the truth.
Now I’m in training for my 3rd Iron distance, and I’m planning to go sub 10 this year, and I coach and mentor a couple of people along the way. When is your turn?

Please forgive me the preaching tone of this post. I am not trying to assault or strong arm you into the action.
This need to come within you.
And this is not another motivational bullshit, I will not ask you for your card details in exchange of my “secret.”

I simply want you to start believing in yourself, to get the grip, to start being the person you always want to be and crush it!

Come on, let’s start, you have all life in front of you!

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