My unhealthy Facebook relationship and how I deal with it.

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Facebook is an incredible tool, it helped me to launched and run my fitness business and to connect with other people, but it also has its dark side.

It’s very addictive, and I’ve recently noticed that I am spending more and more time mindlessly scrolling down the screen in search for another dopamine hit. This is the exact behavior the people behind the Facebook wish for.
In the words of Sean Parker, the early Facebook investor, they want us “to consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible.”

And they have been winning for a long time, without me even realizing it.
Not anymore!!

After uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone, I’ve caught myself, numbers of time, picking up the phone, for no reason.
Unfortunately, due to my work, I cannot be completely Facebook free.
But I’ve come up with a better solution. It limits my time spent on social media and makes me be mindful and meditate, many times during the day.
The app is called Offtime, and you can set it up to block chosen apps. To unlock the app, you have to wait.

I use this time to close my eyes and focus on breathing. 9 of 10 the urge for scrolling down my Facebook wall is a long way gone when I open my eyes after 60sec.

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