Triathlon Questions I Will Never Answer

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What is the best nutrition product?
Which TT bike they should buy?
What’s the best triathlon swimsuit?
What is the best exercise?
What pace should I run with?

I have 20+ experience as a personal trainer and triathlon coach, but when people ask me one of the above questions, I can not answer them.

I cannot answer those questions because I simply don’t know the answers.

And if anyone claims to have the answers, without doing intensive research first, this person is either lying or delusional.

Every athlete is different, and we all have specific needs.
Athletes have the tendency to focus on the details and are fast to forget the big picture.
They want to believe that they can buy performance. And the sports equipment and nutrition producers and their PR agencies know that, and they always come up with a new gadget to give you a false sense of improvement.

Let’s be smart. Instead of falling for gimmicks, let focus on the stuff that works.

Instead of spending 5k on the new bike, try to eat better food and loose 5kg of fat.
Instead of spending a small fortune on the recovery drinks, sleep 8h every night and decrease alcohol intake.
Instead of buying another gadget, learn how to use the one you already have.
And lastly, instead of hiring an online coach, who will give you a generic program and will only give you 10min facetime every month, look around, and reach to the local Tri community.

They will offer you help and guidance, and all the support you need.
And if you live in Scotland and you need a coach, hire me ;p

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