Am I Scottish Enough?

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Oh boy, I’m proud of myself. In the last 7 days I’ve pushed the window shopping to its very limit, and in the process, I’ve saved myself around £27k.

First was the van. T6 VW, my dream car.
I have even booked a test drive, it is indeed a fantastic automobile.
In my head, I have already planned all the romantic and adventurous Euro trips I could go with Joanna, only if we had it.
The price wasn’t too bad, I could afford £459 per month, no problem. (for 5 years!)
And then I had a second thought.
I have a car already. And I can fit 2 bikes into it, and I have a good tent too. So I can still go for trips, as I did it many times in the past, and every month I have spare £459 on good food and a strong whisky!

The first win!

A few days later I’ve decided it is time for a new laptop. My old one is too big, hard to move around and the battery is dead. I need a new one!
A quick search online and I’ve decided I need a MacBook Pro, like all the other cool kids who follow the herd.
It is only £1495, take 12 months instalments, and you will not even notice it.
I’ve even managed to convince my wife that this is a good idea, that we desperately need a mac in our life.
So with the blessing from my second half, I am sitting in the shop, the laptop in hand, the credit card in other, shivers down the spine, I’m ready for a kill.
Luckily for me, there was a problem with the shop’s system. The top IT guy tried to switch on and off the whole terminal few times, but it didn’t work.
I left the shop empty-handed.
Oof that was a close one!

The last near misbuy of the week was a new camera.
Canon g7x is used by all the famous YouTubers, it has excellent reviews, it is not too expensive and takes great videos. Casey Neistst is using one! Only if had one.

But what’s wrong with my phone camera? The quality is spot on. And what’s wrong with my old camcorder? Nothing. Exactly!
Ching Ching, £500 stays save in my pocket!

What’s happened there? How easy is to convince myself that I need more things in my life. Is that advertising agency play tricks on me?

I’ve created this false image in my head that I would be FREE and ADVENTURES with a NEW VAN, more PRODUCTIVE with a new LAPTOP and super CREATIVE with the new CAMERA.

But this is just not true.

Am I tight enough to call myself Scottish? ;p

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