Why We Became So Good at Sitting?

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Hurray, it’s lunchtime! We have been sitting for 2:30h straight, time to move the old bones.

But other participants have a different idea.

They slowly walk to the catering table, pick up a sandwich with soup and there are back to their chairs.
They sit, eat and chat, for remaining 30min.
They will stay sitting for the rest of the day, till 5 pm, when the course ends.
The big supply of sweets and biscuits on the tables ensure a constant flow of sugar.

And then the enormous spikes of insulin and blood sugar will be masked by a couple cups of a nasty coffee.

How can they sit still for that long?
After only 45min, I need to move, change the position, go for a walk so I pretend that I’m going to the toilet. Later I use this manoeuvre couple more times.
Then, utterly shameless, I decide to stand at the end of the room. I received a couple of odd looks now and then but there is always a weirdo in the room, isn’t it? 🙂

I don’t judge them.
The set up of this boardroom enforces siting. We have been doing it for more than 100 years, we train in the schools, boardrooms, offices, buses, trams, churches, waiting rooms, airports.
And we became good at sitting.

But the sitting isn’t good for us!

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