Live Big or Die Trying

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The life is shorter than you think. And no one is leaving this party alive.
Think about this.
Add an unsettling lack of any guaranties; you might live another 50 years, happy and content, or you might die tomorrow, in agony, alone. The unpredictability is mind-boggling.

You have two options.

You can choose a common path; cave in, live a small, secure life, with no risks, sitting in front of TV, living the lives of others, complaining and bitching.
Discuss politics with strangers, eat a comfort food everyday, drink too much on Saturday and hate your job on Monday.
Do it and you will get through the life just fine. There is no judge at the end and no bonus points for a good behaviour.

For many people a quiet life is an ultimate goal and they will sacrifice a lot in a bid of obtaining the peace of mind.

For me this sounds like the hell on earth.

I want to squeeze every single drop out of my life and leave no stones unturned.
I don’t want to waste any moment, I don’t want to pass on any opportunity.

Unexpected, weird, difficult, uncomfortable?
Good, please sign me up!
Hit me hard, challenge is accepted.
The alternative scenic route is bumpy and full of dangerous twists. The GPS doesn’t work here and no one knows the way. Surviving requires a full commitment, grit, passion and a lot of balls. One day you might be freezing cold, second day; tired beyond belief and another; mentally exhausted, pushing your body and mind to its limits.
But boy, it’s so worth it. You will be paid with amazing adventures, extraordinary people on your way and the full bucket of badass memories.
And the views, the views are fucking awesome too!

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