What The Business Guru Knows About Painting The Kitchen?

Published by Leszek Stelmachowski on

The business guru would say “you do it all wrong! Just pay someone to do the mundane jobs and solely focus on stuff that matters, your business. Go, crash it, make more money.”
I’m saying: have you ever painted your flat, changed the tired or mow the lawn?

If not, you are leaving a lot on the table, the experience, the meditation, the satisfaction.
So you keep grinding every day, Monday to Sunday, 9 am till 11 pm, sleep very little, be stressed all the time and work hard to pay for your highlife.
Then treat yourself to one week in all-inclusive retreat to calm down and restore.

I will watch you from my ladder, with the brush in my hand.

I am on holiday, every day. It’s a mindset, baby!


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