Saved by a wild pear found on the street in Kraków.

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When staying at my parent’s in Poland, I went for a run.

Nothing too serious, 8km during the second half of Croatia-England game. I was back for the extra time. It was an exciting game; you have to love underdogs beating the big guys!

However, back to the magic pear.


So I run, the belly full of my mum’s dumplings, which I had only 1 hour ago, I could say no to another portion, and suddenly, after 15 min of steady effort,  my energy goes down.

I feel weak, like ”nothing in the tank” weak.

Sugar drop? 4km away from home, no money, no mobile phone – against my mum’s advice, in the dark, the back alley in the industrial part of the old Polish capital.


I’ve decided to walk 200m, to regain my power and cool, still weak, still struggling. I walked another 200m, no change. I’ve tried to run a bit, no chance, I was dying.

I started feeling a little bit worried. If I had had walk all the way, I would miss the end of the game!

And then, by chance, I’ve spotted a single pear on the middle of the pavement, right in front of me. I’ve looked around; there were not pear trees in sight. If this was a God gift, then God isn’t very generous.

The pear in front of me was not the healthiest one, a quarter of it bit rotten, with a couple of wormholes in the middle.

In the usual circumstances, you would not pay a penny for it, but it wasn’t a normal circumstance. I was in a deep despair!


Yes, at this moment this little pear on the pavement in front of me was about to save my life and the game of football!

It has smelt so well and was so welcoming!

I’ve taken one bite, and another, and another. I could feel the energy coming back!


98%… 99%… 100%… fully recharged, I’ve run all the way back home!

I was on time to witness the football to go back home, by scenic route via Croatia ;p

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