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You know what is encouraging and uplifting?

The guy in his late 60sties, who finishes a middle distance triathlon before me.

He beats me; an old guy, with the wrinkled butt.

I am not the fastest, that’s the fact. But those are my prime years, and he is a vintage veteran! I know people in their 40 ties who cannot even run 200 metres to the bus, not to mention swimming, cycling and running for hours.

I want to be like him. I wish never to lose that drive and the will to train, to discover, to suffer, to explore. I need to be smart; eat well and take care of my body. Also, luck, I need a little bit of luck too. This can be done. I’ve seen it!

The age is the number you believe in.


This guy below, is 85! And he just finished Kona Ironman. He has done it more than 20 times. It’s just another level.

The age is the number you believe in.
Lew Hollander, 182, USA, celebrates his finish and is greeted by women’s winner Leanda Cave at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on October 13, 2012
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