How to be your own mentor?

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When I have a goal, when I want to achieve something, I like to picture my future ‘better self” in my head, with as many details as possible;
I want to know how the ”new me” Iook, how do I feel, what I see, what I smell, who is with me, what is the weather like etc.
Then I play with this image. I get used to it. I get accustomed to.

Now I not only know my starting point, myself today, but also the endpoint, myself with the newly acquired skills, traits, or anything else I want to achieve.

Knowing your endpoint is huge. It takes out the guesswork. Just apply reverse engineering, it’s really hard to get it wrong.


Let me give you an example.



Before my first Ironman triathlon in Barcelona a couple years ago, I’ve visualised myself hundreds time crossing that finish line. I knew I could do it. I’ve seen the red carpet, the clock, the audience, the huge buzz. In my dreams, I have been there so many times, that it was quite strange actually doing this, it felt familiar, it felt like a deja vu.
I know it might sound strange, but it is almost like having an older mentor, who already did what you are planning to do, and he guides you on your journey. You can ask him questions, and he will know the answers.

Trust him.


Now, let’s say you want to lose weight.


First of all, you need to be more precise, how much weight do you want to lose? 5kg. Ok.
Now imagine yourself, 5 months ahead, 5kg later and fitter. How do you feel in your new skin?


Great, now you have a mentor. Instead of asking yourself ”should I go to the gym today?” or ”should I eat that doughnut” ask her. She will keep your right! ­čÖé

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