The void

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There are three of them. Three people connected by one big dream, the dream that keeps them awake at night, the dream that forces them to go out, to train, every day. It organises their lives, it is the schedule.

They all have different backgrounds, job and hobbies, and they all feel a need for a test, they all want to push themselves to the limit, to see if they can, to see what’s on the other side, to feel alive. 

Their modern lives, with all the comforts and cushions, are lacking one special ingredient, the danger. 

People do everything to protect themselves, to shelter from the unknown, from the pain, from the uncomfort. And more successful they become, the void gets bigger and deeper. Some try drinking, some try drugs, partying or numbing with TV sope operas, but those are not the real remedies.

Nothing cures the void better than the solid portion of iron, applied as an iron distance triathlon :)Meet Barbara, Joanna and David.

In less than 4 weeks they will go to another side.

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