If I only could see into the future.

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If I had magic powers and I could see into the future difficulties, I would never embark on a journey to become a triathlon organiser. And the Duke Triathlon would only be a cool idea, floating freely in my and Rich’s heads.

But I don’t believe in magic, and I cannot see the future, so…

…once we’ve committed, we had to make it happen.

You see, me and business partner Rich, we are doers, not quitters.

It cost us so much time and effort, 10x more than we originally predicted. We had doubts and worries, things didn’t go well, we’ve been barraged with permits, countless checks and regulations. On the top of that, we have been risking our own money as no one was willing to invest in a startup event organised by two inexperienced rookies.

I’m writing this on Tuesday, two days after the event. Duke Triathlon was a great success.
The fortune wheel spins in favour of the bold.

We sold out, and we still keep receiving fantastic feedback from the competitors.

They loved the friendly, lay back atmosphere and the natural beauty of the course. I think we can claim the most picturesque triathlon in Scotland badge! 🙂

My biggest reward was seeing athletes crossing the finish line with a massive grin on their faces! For many, it was the first ever triathlon. People got hooked. They ask for the next year! How cool is that!?

We didn’t earn any money, the entries fees have just covered the costs, but I don’t care. We learnt so much. It was like a crash course in management and event organising. We started many great relationships, and the new ideas and plans just keep floating in.

Please forgive me but I cannot share anything with you at this moment, it’s too early stages.

All I can say is that the future looks bright for Duke Triathlon. And you don’t need magic powers to see that!

In the Duke we trust 🙂


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