Extended Fasting – is it worth it?

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Fasting Day 4. You can read about day 3 here: https://gritandpassion.com/2018/11/terrible-night.html

I walked by the fish and chips shop today. I was on the other side of the street, and they had their doors closed, and I could sniff every single dish on the menu. My senses are strangely sharp, I can smell, see and hear better. I am ready for a hunt! Plus my skin feels like brand new. Those are only things I can see, I am sure inside is cleaner and rejuvenated too!

Surprisingly I am not hungry. I miss the act of eating, the texture of the food, the taste, the aroma. I miss the cooking part, chopping things, frying things, sharing cooking tasks with Joanna, setting up the table, opening the bottle of wine.

Those little things, often taken for granted, make our lives more enjoyable and memorable.

Sleeping was better today as my back is less painful. I still feel a little bit low. It’s hard to describe what’s wrong (apart of lack of food, obviously!:P) I feel like being submerged, distant, not fully engaged. It is bizarre to see myself in this mode, introvert and locked inside with thoughts. It is part of me I have never chance to meet and live with.

For this part only this little fasting experiment was worth doing. And I am willing to do it again, this time longer, 5-6 days. Apparently, just the first fast is very hard, because your body needs to fight a lot of toxins, and every next one is more relaxed, more pleasant. I hope so, this was a harsh ride!

We are breaking the fast tomorrow afternoon. It will give us our 90h of not eating. Not bad for beginners 🙂


This is not a guide to fasting. It is just my thoughts, a journal.  Don’t do this at home! 

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