Fasting. First attempt – Day 0

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So I am trying this fasting thing. It’s only the first day, technically it is not even a fast. It supposed to be a prep day, when you eat less, pay attention to what you put in your mouth, avoid sugar and processed foods. It will make the whole process easier. Your body needs time to adjust. 

We didn’t agree on how long we will be fasting. The book says 7 days, one prep day and one day after the fast with pure fasting for 5. We might do the only a weekend, 3 days, it depends on how we will feel. 

We started a day with a couple of glasses of water. Then we have breakfast, porridge with apples. No salt, no sugar.

My body, my brain, has already noticed it. It must be, it is a mental thing. Suddenly I feel sluggish, without energy, feeling like going down with the flu or worse. I want to go under the duvet, with the hot bottle on my belly, close my eyes and cuddle the teddy bear. 

It as body anticipates lack of food in the future and shifts to the lower gear.

I don’t like it very much.

It’s my day off and would want to do something for myself, but I have no energy. 

The coffee will help! Joanna found out that you can have a small cup of coffee on the first day. Otherwise, if you are a heavy user, you might have headaches. I certainly do. 

Just had a coffee and the pain is gone. Scary. Am I addicted?

I am feeling like cleaning now. Putting things in the order, making my bed, segregate paperwork, wash, tidy up. I am annoyed by random things I never pay attention to why this charger cable is tangled? What does this notebook under the sofa, how the windows got that dirty?

An orange had caught my eye. I am eating it, thinking that this is the last sweet thing until Monday. I know it’s not true, our fast allows the soup, juice and even some honey, in small doses, still cannot help it. 

I had 2 oranges and tea. 

Joanna is cooking a broth. This will be our only food for the next couple of days. It smells delicious. 

Part two tomorrow! 🙂



This is not a guide to fasting. It is just my thoughts, a journal.  Don’t do this at home! 🙂

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