Fasting – First Proper Day

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Day 2. You can read about day 1 here:

It’s 4pm.

Today I had 3 herbal teas, one glass of clear vegetable broth and one glass of diluted juice, plus a few glasses of water. I might have a little more juice later, and that’s it.

No coffee today, so this dull headache will stay with for the rest of the day.

I was hoping that the cold water of the North Sea would stop it. The dip was refreshing but surprisingly colder than usual. The sun was low and behind the clouds and the sea looked angry, uneasy. We didn’t last long. Apart from Alister, who is, well, just different.

On our way home, we pass 2 coffee shops, packed with people. It was hard not to join them. I have also spotted at least 3 people with tall cups, having their caffeine fix on the go.

I always wonder how safe the coffee actually is?

They say that the coffee is great, that has no negatives, with all the fantastic benefits. You can drink it all the time.

But can we? And should we?

We are clearly obsessed with it. ”Help me caffeine, you are my only hope” says the popular meme. I bet if you close all the coffee shops on any given Monday morning, the office worker efficiency would plummet by heaps. The withdraw symptoms are real. 

I am looking forward to day 3! 


This is not a guide to fasting. It is just my thoughts, a fasting journal.  Don’t do this at home! 

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