I Broke My Fast Today

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Fasting Day 5. You can read about day 4 here: https://gritandpassion.com/2018/11/extended-fasting-is-it-worth-it.html

I broke my fast with an apple at 12pm on Tuesday.

This steamed apple, it was the best thing, (well, second best thing after the raw steak), I have ever eaten.

I haven’t consumed any food from Friday evening. Almost 4 full days.

It was hard, brutal sometimes. I wasn’t hungry, but I was in total agony, especially during the nights, when all the toxins would release, and my body would hurt like hell.

Would I do it again? Definitely! It is a fantastic practice, for your body and for your mind. Fasting benefits were known for thousands of years. It is a part of all all the major religions.

It was only in the last century when we stopped practising. I blame blind consumerism and total lack of body awareness. The food is more accessible than ever, and we are told to eat, all the time. And when we get sick, we need pills and more food. That’s how big money is made. You cannot earn on fasting, it’s free and free for all.

I am 36, and for 36 years I have been eating, every day. I would skip breakfast or dinner from time to time, but eventually, the food would always find the way inside me.

It was 36 years of every day, never-ending digestion process. My body worked hard to break the foods into the nutrients and to remove rest.

When you are fasting your body can relax and slow down. It is like holidays for your digestive tract. Without external food, the body looks inside to find the fuel. It starts with the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. When the stores of the glycogen are depleted, the proper cleaning happens.

Broken cells, cells with damaged DNA, metabolism leftovers, body fats, cancerous cells, all are being utilised and burned. Total Wipeout.

In the same time, your brain function and immune system improve, anti-ageing hormones rise, and every system in the body works more efficiently.

If you want to find out more about fasting and its benefits, go ahead, search and read. Educate yourself. This blog is only my journal, I can only describe what I was doing. Don’t try to copy me. Fasting, with all the benefits, has some downsides and dangers. You need to be smart; otherwise you may do more damage than good.

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