How To Recognise a Great Coach?

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How do you recognise a great coach?

Not by a chisel, tanned body.
Not by his incredible sports achievements.
Not by a flashy live style.
Not by 5k likes. (Sorry Instagram fanboys!)

The primary role of the fitness coach is helping their clients achieve their goals.
They need to have the knowledge and excellent people skills. They need to be able to build trust and a deep connection. It’s only then when true teaching happens.

They are out there, but they might not be easy to find. You might have to look beyond shirtless, chiselled models, smiling at you, inviting to their world of unsustainable diets, fat burning pills and body look obsession.
Good coaches continuously educate themselves, read new books and attend courses. They don’t have the time or the will for another half-naked selfie.
Great fitness coaching reaches far beyond a good look. It’s long-term planning, attention to the technique and most importantly, it should always lead to your client’s independence.
Yes, we train people, help them understand their bodies and the fitness ways, give them right set of tools, so one day, hopefully, sooner, they can take care of themselves.

In many cases, 5% body fat is not only undesirable, but it might be a sign of underlying issues, often mental issues. It takes a lot of hard, focused work, but for most people, it’s not even healthy.
If you need a goal, focus on movement quality instead. Develop strength and mobility. Those will serve you way past your athletic prime, and it will help you with being a better human, husband, father, wife or grandad.

There are great coaches out there with incredible bodies and fantastic physique. I don’t deny it.
But they don’t wave six pack photos before your eyes.
They know their worth.

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