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We are on the mission with Joanna.
We both agreed that we have a problem, and we need to do something about this.
We are really bad at keeping our flat mess free. There seems to be always something better to do than tiding up. We cook, we eat and then we run away from the kitchen, away from the mess.

Why it’s so hard for us to keep the order? It only takes 5 min to put the dishes to the dishwasher! And for some people, cleaning comes almost naturally. Their houses are always pristine.

The answer is simple. We lack discipline. We lack a habit. We need to force ourselves to tidy up, every day, and after a couple weeks in the row, it will become our second nature. It’s straightforward.

This is exactly the same challenge people face when they want to start eating better or exercising more.
For me, it is effortless to eat healthily and exercise a lot. I’ve been doing this for years, it’s my second nature. I just don’t know better.

But I know people struggle with it a lot.
All I can say to this, it is hard until it becomes natural. You simply need to try, day after day. Build a habit. Slowly change your lifestyle. There will be days when you cannot be bothered, the days when you say, ”I want a takeaway and a big bottle of fizzy juice”. And that’s OK, just make sure you pick it up where you left it next day.

Our brains are wired to the least resistant path, the easiest way. For some, it’s junk food, for me leaving a mess behind.
I’ve decided to change.
I’m on it. It feels hard, uncomfortable and dreadful, as any challenge. But I’m on it. And I will succeed.
You can change your bad habits too.

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