What’s new in 2019?

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1. We are adding a new class, Turbo Cycle!

Turbo Cycle is not your regular spin class.

Turbo Cycle is a power-based cycling class to make you a strong and fast cyclist and triathlete.

All our smart trainers are connected to a central computer that automatically adjusts resistance for each person. You also use your own bike — not a universal spin bike.

Just dial in your Functional Threshold Power (if you don’t know your FTP, no worries, we will help you with finding it) and train far more efficiently than you can outdoors.

Plus you’ll receive an e-mail from us after each workout summarizing your efforts. And if you’re on Training Peaks™ or Strava™, we can instantly upload your workout data there too.

2. Endurance Strong Club is back!

Become stronger, fitter and more resilient runner with Fitness Soul Strong Club. And keep those injuries away, forever!

Each class will be focused on your strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility so you can run faster, swim longer and cycle pain-free!

Join the first in Edinburgh strength and conditioning class for triathletes, runner, cyclist and swimmers!

3. Duke Triathlon and The Beltie Weekend

Race an award-winning triathlon in Stirlingshire, Scotland!

4. Triathlon Camp Morzine

Our triathlon camp aims to increase your general fitness and advance the technical aspects of the sport. The program will concentrate on all three disciplines and can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.

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