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Ironman Italy 2018

After training with, being coached by, travelling alongside and competing in the same Ironman (Italy 2018), I can’t praise Leszek highly enough for his knowledge of coaching and competing in the triathlon. David Scott Revel

By Leszek Stelmachowski, ago

I am running better!

Thank you for a fantastic session tonight – my legs definitely know they’ve been working!! Even after that one session, my running technique was so much smoother. I never really had a ‘technique’ before now but you gave me lots if very simple, easy to adopt tips. Using my arms Read more…

By Leszek Stelmachowski, ago

Norseman 2019

Leszek has set me up with a simple but effective programme involving the development of technique at the start and then gradually building weight as we go on. My basic programme involves foam rolling at the start of any session and then a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises Read more…

By Leszek Stelmachowski, ago