Personalised Triathlon Coaching Edinburgh

Fancy doing something big and scary next year?

How about getting completely out of your comfort zone?

Do you want to become an Ironman?

Take advantage of Grit & Passion Personalised Triathlon Coaching Edinburgh and achieve your dreams!

An Ironman Triathlon consists 3.8k. swim, 180k cycle and 42k run and I believe you can do it!

Yes, even if you cannot swim or you have never run more than 10k, with a right training and positive mindset everything is possible.

Give me a call or visit my private fitness studio in Edinburgh and let me help you achieve your dreams.

triathlon coach in Edinburgh

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Ironman Triathlon Training and Coaching

Training for a triathlon is complex. You do not only have to juggle three disciplines and add strength and mobility training but also you can you have to remember about a good nutrition, having adequate rest and recovery as well as focusing the mental training. It can be quite overwhelming.

Add in your work and family commitments and you are in danger of dropping the ball on one of the fronts.

To become an Ironman is a great goal, but is shouldn’t come at the expense of getting injured or worse, divorced!

triathlon coach edinburgh
Leszek with his athletes at the finish line of Ironman Italy. 

Let me help you

Yes, you can do it all on your own, as many did before you. You can learn from your mistakes but why would you? Why struggle and make it potentially long and painful if you can avoid most of the obstacles and rookie mistakes?

You will not only get a triathlon training plan – I will help you with planning, getting the right equipment, choosing the right events, and working on your weaknesses. I will get involved in every step of your journey and I will be there to answer all your questions. Plus you get access to a fully equipped fitness studio


triathlon coaching edinburgh

What will you get with Triathlon Coach Edinburgh?

  • Bespoke triathlon training plan structured to your own needs.
  • Unlimited adjustments to your triathlon training plan 
  • Unlimited contact with your coach (via text, phone and en mail and regular face to face sessions)
  • Season goals setting
  • Initial performance testing
  • Advice on race nutrition and strategy
  • Access to the strength training sessions 
ironman coach Edinburgh
Leszek with his wife Joanna

About Your Edinburgh Based Triathlon Coach

I’ve been involved in sports for as long as I can remember, and been coaching and helping people achieve their best for last 20 years (as an Edinburgh based personal trainer and owner of successful Fitness Soul Studio)

For the last couple of years, I’ve focused solely on triathlon type events. I’ve competed in numbers of competitions myself, everything from the sprint distance to full Ironman distance. I am a Certified Ironman Coach, so I not only know my subject, I’ve gained a lot of first hand experience.

Now I’m helping others to achieve their dreams.

The coaching roster is limited to 5 athletes to protect the quality of the relationship.

1-2-1 Personalized Triathlon Coaching is currently £99 per month.

Leszek Stelmachowski